Why Citrine?

Previously called Trotman Repp, we re-branded in November 2020, including changing our name to Citrine International.  Changing a company name and undergoing a full re-brand is a big step for any business.

We wanted to make the switch as we felt just using the surnames of the two founding Directors is a very traditional name choice for a tax practice. As a boutique accountancy firm, with a specialism in bespoke UK and US tax compliance and consultancy services, we felt it was time to be bold and make the change. We wanted a name that reflects our ethos, values and personality. We believe that Citrine embodies these perfectly.

Citrine Associations

Happiness – bringing energy and joy

Manifestation – inspiring one to achieve their goals

Wealth – attracting prosperity and helping to maintain it

We work closely with our clients to ensure they are happy with their financial situation and that they are in a strong position to achieve their personal goals.  We help with tax planning at every stage of life to ensure continued prosperity for clients and their families.

As a semi-precious natural stone, Citrine can range in colour from very pale yellow through to honey-coloured ambers and bronze-coloured browns. Citrine stones became popular in 1920s art deco jewellery and the colour was used in interior design during that period too. The 1920s was a boom decade for economic growth and personal prosperity with transatlantic travel opening up the opportunities for UK and US citizens to gain an international view of the world.

Our new Citrine International logo includes an icon that is a C-shaped to symbolize the Citrine name. It is in the style of a typical 1920s art deco design. When turned 90 degrees to the right and utilised as a repeating pattern, the C takes on the feel of iconic 1920s wallpaper, that could so easily have been seen in the homes of wealthy UK and US citizens of the time. Look down at the base on this website to see this pattern. You’ll also see it in use on the back of our compliment slips, in our notebooks and many other places across the company’s marketing materials.

The choice of bronze as one of our brand colours is a nod towards the Citrine colour without going for the ‘all too obvious’ brighter yellow. The turquoise blue complements the bronze and adds vibrancy. This blue is also similar in tone to the American luxury jewellery brand Tiffany & Co and their iconic gift boxes.

Thank you

Thank you for talking the time to read the story behind our decision to change our name and undergo a complete re-brand. The whole team at Citrine International is looking forward to working with you soon.